I’m finally getting out of the hospital tonight!!!   YeeHaw BaBa Booey!!
So, they say when you go through some life threatening events you change the way you think and how you live your life.  Well, that didn’t happen for me.   No, for me I just got pissed off that I wasn’t who I was before that crap.
After my heart operation I had no feelings of how I need to change my life and how I should be happy for what I have, ya know Bla Bla Bla.

However, after being in and out of the hospital for a year after the latest event something finally hit me, and that’s the reason for this email!
I figured I would throw my shit your way and see if it makes sense to you, ya know cause I have a habit of changing every quickly.

Here’s the deal, ya really never know what the fuck is going to happen to you.  Never, I thought it was all over with and i’d be back to normal (well, as normal as I could ever be) and it was all over.
Obviously, it wasn’t it just kept getting worse and worse.
Well, here we are and I’ve realized that no one can ever predict or be ready for what’s going to happen to them.
I mean as something simple as having to go to the hospital at 12:30am on a Saturday night.   My point?  There’s no specific time when you are going to get sick, being sick doesn’t wait for you to complete all your errands or give you time to sleep the night through and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed.
Getting sick doesn’t wait for you to complete all the things in your life that need tying up before you will be in the hospital for a week straight.  I REALLY WANT TO THANK ALL OF YOU FOR BEING THERE AND HELPING OUT AS I BEEN GOING THROUGH ALL THIS CRAP, I REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT.  YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO ME THAT YOU ARE ALL SO SUPPORTIVE.  THANK YOU!

Basically what I wanted to tell you all is that I really believe that everyone needs to live their lives with being happy as the number one goal in mind.  It’s not about Money, Toys, Houses, Cars, or anything that has no value when you’re lying here thinking fuck man my roommate in the hospital really smells like shit!
What I’ve come up with is happiness, that’s what is important.  When you’re thinking about your life you don’t think how nice was my car, you think
“did i do everything i needed to make myself and my family happy, did I make sure that I treated the people I love with respect, and most importantly you think was I appreciative of everything that I should have been appreciative of or did I just take shit for granted and not give a shit about anyone or anything”
I feel like this is what we should be thinking and how we should be acting while we are healthy.
There is nothing worse than not being healthy, nothing at all.

So make sure you appreciate the fact that you can walk, stand, breathe and complete everyday tasks without having an issue.
Be Happy and appreciative that you can workout the way you do.

I’m asking you to challenge yourself to focus on Appreciating everything in your life that you need to be appreciative of.
Everyday make sure you Cherish the people you love and do whatever you can to make their lives better.
Everyday make sure you Value all the joy in your life, because this is what matters.
Nothing and I mean nothing is more important than giving to others and yourself.
So I guess this shit did change how I think and I hope I have helped you guys.


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