Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, March 7th

We’re starting a new class time this week.
The class will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Noon.
The fake bullshit is over with, we’re allowed to walk around in public again!
Maybe everyone can return the equipment they borrowed, that would be amazing, truly and utterly amazing!
Yes, it’s true. I really had to say that again.
I’m not sure which is more absurd, the fake bullshit comment or that i’m still asking for the equipment.

Class times: 6am, 8:15am, 9:30am
4:30pm and 5:30pm
Noon (Mon, Wed, Fri)


Back Squat
10 x 10 @55-60% (with a partner)
Your only rest is when your partner is doing his/her set of 10 reps.
Stop ignoring this part, You don’t get as much rest as you need.
As soon as your partner is done, get your ass under the bar.

After the 100 reps you can rest 10 minutes, if you don’t need the rest, you didn’t do what I asked of you.
Then …
KB Snatch 55/35 (45 reps each side)
Toes To Bar

Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, March 3rd

Friday night 6:30 we’ll be doing the Games Wod together!
It’s always better to do it with a group of people, so if you can make it we’ll be starting at 6:30pm.
It’s a great atmosphere when everyone competes with each other, I’ll even be there!

3,000 Meter Row
100 Burpees
100 Box Jumps @24/20
100 Double Unders
100 Lunges
Break up how you wish, just get it all done.

Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, March 2nd


10 sets/ 10 reps

Bike for Calories 10/7
Swings 70/55
Bench Press 135/95 (If you think you can go heavier, please do so)
then …
Plank/ Left Plank/ Right Plank/ Rest
3 rounds

Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, March 1st


5 Rounds
Row 500/400
Wall Ball Shots 30 reps 20/14
Rest Between Rounds:
Round 1- 60 seconds rest
Round 2- 75 seconds rest
Round 3- 90 seconds rest
Round 4- 180 seconds rest
The rest is done individually, make sure you check the time after each round.
The Rounds should be sprinted through, Rowing at a fast pace and looking to get all 30 wall balls in as few sets as possible.
If you don’t rest the allotted amount of time, you’re moving to slow through the rounds.

Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, February 28th

We gettin back to Classes!
This dumb ass bullshit stole our mojo!
There’s still Open Gym, but if you want to train with others, come to the classes.
If you are doing your own thing while there’s a class going on, just don’t interrupt the class.
The Class times are 6, 8:15 and 9:30am then 4:30 and 5:30pm, not sure I’ll be there but there will be a coach.
We’ll bring back more classes in the future.


Power Clean 155/105
Chest to Bar Pull up

Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, February 23rd

The Crossfit Games are starting.
I believe the first workout is Thursday, did you need more time to think about it?
We’ll be doing all the workouts as part of the Daily Wod, so if you want to compete against the rest of the world, you have to register. I think it’s still $20.

5 Rounds
Run 400
20 Deadlifts @155/105 (modify weight as needed, don’t be silly.)
15 Pull up
10 Handstand Push Up

Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, February 18th


With a partner, complete:

*400 Double unders (each person does 20 D.U. then alternate till each person does 200 Doubles)
If you still don’t have your double’s, hang your head in shame while your partner does his/her 20.

*200 Burpees (each person does 10 then alternate until you reach 100 each)
10 Burpees as fast as possible, your partner doesn’t want to wait around for your lazy ass.

200 Swings @70/55 (10 swings each, then alternate till you reach 200)
Make sure every rep is 100% intensity

100 Pull ups (5 reps each person till you reach 100 total)
Make sure each rep is full range, don’t cut your partner short

300 Wall Balls 20/10 (15 each person till you reach 300)
This is the last exercise, don’t puss out!

Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, February 17th

If you worked out correctly the last three days, you gotta be shot. If your ass was flat on the floor for a number of minutes, you did the squats right. Monday’s wod was a terrible twist on “Fight Gone Bad”, and Tuesday left your back and boobs a wreck. Even if you don’t go heavy, these wods should still be leaving you a mess.
Make sure the effort is 100% and the weight won’t be an issue, in most workouts.
If you’re able to hold a conversation in any of the workouts, you’re not reaching the full potential of the workout!


5 Rounds
Run 400
Row 500

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