Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, April 21st


3 Sets:
Side Laterals Till Failure
Shoulder Press till Failure

3 Sets:
Front Raises till failure
Heaving Upright Row Till Failure

All Reps for the Laterals and Front Raises should fail around 10-12 reps
All Reps for Presses and Rows should be around 8-10 Reps


Ok, Brian and I made this up.  I tried it the other day and got my ass kicked.
I’ll be super impressed if anyone can finish this, if anyone finished this i’ll get you a gift!

E.M.O.M for 20 minutes   100 cal/100 burpee
Odd minutes 10 Calorie Bike
Even minutes 10 Burpees  (Men 20 lb vest , Women no vest)

I’ve seen some sad Burpees lately, I’m sure it’s do to the challenge being so many and all but this is not a reason to start shortening range of motion
Here’s how a burpee works:
1.  From standing upright with your hips, knees and ankles extended grab the ground with your hands and kick or slide your legs out behind you.

2.  As soon as you legs go out behind you drop to the ground so everything Hips, chest, and knees hit the ground.

3.  Once EVERYTHING is on the flat on the ground Do a push up, it can be a push up on your feet where everything leaves the ground together or it can be a push up on your knees where your torso leaves the ground and your knees to your toes stay on the ground

4.  Once you are in a plank position from the push up whether on your knees or toes jump your legs forward so your feet are close to your hands on the ground and stand up
(For some reason here’s where it gets tricky, there seems to be a huge variance and disagreement on what people consider a full extension of the hip.  Basically when you stand up you should be totally upright with no hip or knee flexion at all just like you were when you started the Burpee)

5.  Once you are standing upright here’s the easy part, JUMP with your hands in the air!

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