Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, December 9th

*****First of all, Because the party is at 7pm tonight at Cafe Testarossa the last night class start at 5:30pm and the gym will close at 6:30pm.
I hope to see all of you guys there, we got Food and Open Bar!  Booya!!!!!

*****Second, This is the last week of the 3:30pm class.  Starting Monday the 12th of December we will be starting a kids class
@ 3:45pm till 4:30pm.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The kids class will be free for the rest of December.  Every child over the age of 10 is welcome.

*****The rest of the schedule for everyday will be the same, The first adult class of the day everyday will start at 4:30pm and
the classes that follow will be the same as normal.

*****Here’s another thing that bothers me a bit.  All you members in the gym that are of the female gender here’s a little tip from yours truly.
You are women, not little parakeets.  If you try hard you can move large amounts of weight.  If you give it your all you can Clean and Snatch the Fuck out of a bar!
If you practice you CAN get a Double Under, If you push hard you can get that bike or rower moving!

My point You may ask?
Just because you are a women does not mean that you can’t workout hard and move weight.
Don’t let yourself be controlled by society saying women aren’t supposed to be lifting heavy weight or moving fast and sweating your rack off during a workout.  This is nonsense and pure BullShit!
You try hard and give it your ALL Every Fucking time you workout and the results will come quickly.
You give in and don’t try hard because you’re not supposed to and you’ll get nothing out of it.

If you’re hurt or injured that’s fine and a legitimate excuse but not giving 110%  because you’re a women is Doggie Poop and I will not stand for it!  Now give me your all every class!

In pair’s program the Bike to 10 seconds on and 20 seconds off
Alternate back and forth for a total of 8 Minutes.  This equals 8 starts per person.  You have to go hard for 10 seconds and you have 20 seconds to switch.   Don’t go over 20 seconds of you will fuck up the start time.
Your score is total calories for the 8 minutes between the both of you.  Dn’t let your partner down.
I wanna see every women in there today Kicking Fucking Ass, not sitting around saying ” I can’t move fast cause I’m a Woman!!”
WINNER Gets to battle Mark in a Tequila Shot Battle at the party!!  Good luck with that .

Bench Press
Week 2 Program

50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:
GHD sit-ups or Knees to Elbows or Ab Mat Sit ups
Kettlebell swings @70/55
*****This is important so pay attention.  Each and Every rep on a Swing should be 100% power output.  You MUST squeeze your Ass, Quads and Abdominal Muscles as tight as you can for each rep.  You MUST snap your legs straight by Squeezing your Glutes and Quads Hard!
This is a lot of reps, if you don’t do what I’m telling you you are going to end up lifting the Bell up with your back and hurting yourself.  Swings are great for your back but when you perform them like a tool that leads to YOU not being good for your back, so don’t blame the movement.
You shouldn’t be doing swings in a slow motion or half assing motion.  Ballistic and Hard!!!

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