Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, February 10th

I think there is a breakdown in communication somewhere.
When we are doing interval training like today’s workout, you should be performing the workout in a different way than if you were doing a workout like a chipper.
Let’s say you’re doing a workout like the filthy fifties. You would, or rather, you should attack this workout with the intention of trying to hold a steady pace throughout the extent of the workout. I’m not saying you should do this workout slowly, what I’m saying is, try and keep moving the whole time. If you sprint through it, you’re not going to be able to keep that pace. Plus, it’s a long workout not a sprint.
Let’s get back to today’s workout.
Interval training is designed for you to sprint through the work phase then rest (because you need it) during the rest phase.
If you are doing intervals on the bike you should be killing yourself on that bike. You shouldn’t just get off the bike during the rest period and not even be breathing heavy! That’s just crazy!
You need to go as hard as you can or else there’s no point in doing interval training. Bursts of speed is the essence of intervals!
Is it hard to push yourselves to the point of be uncomfortable, cause if that’s the case than you need to get over that shit.
Once again, I’m not saying go as fast as you can with no regard for form, technique or range of motion. Once all these things are taken into consideration and you can complete the movement correctly, ya gotta fuckin move!
I feel like I’ve said this over and over again so why are there still people lolly gagging through the workouts??

Push Press
6 x 3

Bike or Row 40/32 Cals
4 Rounds
15 Pull ups
4 Complex (1 Squat Clean into thruster + back squat into behind the neck thruster)
Bike or Row 40/32 Cals
*Total pull ups is 60 reps and 16 Complex

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