Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, February 1st

I have another tip that may help with your quest of eating well.
Here it is, write down everything you eat and drink.
Everything, not just what you think matters. Write down every piece of food you put in your mouth. Just because it’s only one piece of candy and not 10 doesn’t
mean it has no calories. Just because you don’t want alcohol to count in your diet, doesn’t make it true.
I can pretty much guarantee that most people have no idea how many calories they are ingesting in a day. There’s no way you can find out what you need to eat to make changes without first figuring out what you are currently eating.
For a week write down everything you eat and when you eat it.
Just because it’s someone’s birthday does not mean your body will void that piece of cake. So, you’re gonna need to write it down. Your body doesn’t know the difference between Holidays and regular days.
Drinking one glass of Tequila doesn’t mean you write down one shot of Tequila.
I’m not implying that this is all done intentionally, on the contrary, I believe it is done subconsciously.
Most people in general don’t want to give up what they eat, they’ll just dream about making changes.
The few people that will actually write down what they are eating will sometimes either be embarrassed not eating well or will maybe just ignore the bad food and play the, “I swear, I eat well all the time” game. Games don’t work when you’re trying to lose weight. It’s kinda like doing 100 half rep wall balls, yet saying you did 100 wall balls, ya didn’t! Just like if you say you eat healthy but really don’t. It’s easy to put on the Lb’s it takes work to lose it!
Be honest, and you shall be set free.

6 Sets
1 Power Clean
2 Front Squats
Increase weight over sets. This doesn’t mean your first set should be light.
Once you hit a moderate weight you start the 6 work sets

6 Min Amrap
6 Power Cleans @135/95
12 Box Jumps @24/20

-Rest 3 min-

6 Min Amrap
6 Lateral burpee over bar
12 Front Squats @95/65

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