Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, March 20th

What’s up chubb rocks, tomorrow is the first day of Spring, that means the nice weather is on the way.
What it also means is you have to shed that layer of mush you put on your body over the winter. If you haven’t been eating well now is the time to start before the summer gets here and you try to drop 30 lbs in one week to fit in your bathing suit. We all know how that cycle goes. Starve yourself till you’re ravenous then pig out till you wanna puke, then feel like crap so you starve yourself again, and again, and again!
As we all know that doesn’t work so let’s not put ourselves in that position.
Eat well for March and April, then by the time May get’s here you can slide into your pants instead of holding your breath and squeezing into them.
Ya know what I’ve heard works well? Not eating sugar, so let’s start there.
Think of yourself as one of them butterflies busting out of their cocoon’s, except your cocoon is fat.

Bulgarian Split Squats
4 sets 6 reps ea. leg
Slow and controlled movement.
3 seconds down, steady and quick on the way up.
Use a partner as your rest

20 minute EMOM
Alternate between
Even minutes: 15 Swings 55/35
Odd minutes: 8 Burpees

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