Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, July 28th

After a week of fast intense wods that hopefully have shown you that you don’t need to be doing 45 minutes workouts, we’re going to be doing the mother of all mother fucking short fast intense wods on the last day.
“Fran” it is.
If you don’t feel your Throat Burning, Quads Killing, Forearms Firing, and lungs scraping you something is definitely wrong!
This workout should be done in no more than 5-6 minutes, if the clock hits 12 minutes and you are still trying to complete this workout you might was well come in tomorrow with a shirt that says “Go Fuck Yourself Chris” I listen to nothing you say!
I will respect that.
I hope you all got to see the difference between doing 45 minute workouts as opposed to the fast intense much shorter ones and what it does to your body.
The shorter ones you can go much harder than the longer ones
The shorter ones keep the intensity high the whole workout.
The longer ones are so draining you’re shot for the rest of the day.
The longer ones elicit no hormone change in your body
and the longer ones make you look frail and weak, shorter ones get you ripped and strong.
Don’t be fooled, the cat’s out of the bag!

Banded Pike’s 50 reps
If Band is too hard modify to regular pike


Thruster @95/65
Pull up

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