Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, July 7th / 85 with Scattered Showers

I know it’s hard to modify the movements in the workout but I am telling you that you will get a mic better workout and it’s much more beneficial to modify the exercises so that you can move through the workout without stopping or taking a long time to finish.
As I said 189 times Intensity is the key and if you are resting most of the time you lower the intensity.
You are much better modifying the workout and moving through it quickly than to keep stopping.
If you don’t believe me try it one workout, trust me you won’t lose anything by trying to modify one workout.

20 Rep Squat
Add 5lbs

12 Min Amrap

10/5 Cal Bike
5 Deadlifts @275/155   or 75% of max
5 Bench Press @275/155  or 70% of max

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