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Let’s talk Nutrition for a second.   There’s seems to be a road block in people’s brains regarding the amount of food you need to eat to lose weight.  A lot, You can’t eat a little bit of food and expect to lose weight.
Starving yourself will only force your body to Slowwwwwwwww down to retain the Fat that’s hanging off of itself.
You need to start eating clean foods every 2 and a half hours, by clean foods I mean Protein, Carbs and Fat every meal.
Not a Banana for breakfast and a cashew for lunch and then a little bit of lettuce for dinner, this won’t work.

Listen to me, I’m not lying to you.
Give it a shot for a month and see what happens.
When you start to eat very often if you are not used to it it may be difficult to get all the food down, don’t give up once your body gets used to eating that often you will start to crave food every two and a half hours.
Also don’t get upset if you gain a little bit of weight the first week or so, remember your body is still moving slowly until you speed it up by eating often so until that happens you may add a few lbs but once you start to skyrocket your metabolism you’ll drop weight quicker than I can eat an ice cream sandwich!

20 Rep Back Sqaut
Add 5 lbs from Wednesday and stay tight!

30 Burpees
30 Power Snatch @135/95
30 Burpees
30 Clean and Jerk @135/95
For Time

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