Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, June 8th

Most of what we do are Full Body workouts, because of this it is difficult to adjust the workouts so that we don’t do the same body part quite often.
For instance, we do legs A LOT!  Because every leg movement requires a lot of energy which means a lot of oxygen which means your getting a lot more out of performing a Squat than you are performing a Barbell Curl (nothing against barbell curls).
To keep the workout intense we need to do multi jointed movements.
So, this is the reason that you see a lot of the same muscles being used often.  However you won’t see the same muscle being focused on or the same rep and set scheme for the same muscles.
But, the reason I being this up is because a lot of times I will hear this.  “Oh man my legs are killing me, were doing legs again”.
Well, You don’t have to do legs again.  You can choose to rest being that your legs are killing you and you’re having trouble walking it might actually be a good idea to take some rest and not torture yourself again.
Or you can modify the workout and choose a different movement.
It’s up to you to make the move, remember there are a couple hundred other people in the gym that I have to think of also and maybe they didn’t show up the day before when we did legs.
Work around the workouts, you don’t have to come everyday and you don’t have to do exactly what’s written on the board if you’re not able too.

Split Jerk
Perform 7 Singles after finding your max and using 90% of that

Bench Press
3 x 5 @65%


Muscle Up
Single Arm Overhead Squat 80/55

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