Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, June 11th

We recently installed Air Conditioning in the Bathrooms.  So basically don’t expect a Hot Summer at all, it’s like when you get a snow blower and it doesn’t snow all Winter.
So let me apologize for not having a hot Summer in advance.
Back to the Air Conditioning.  Now that we don’t have to workout in 90 degree weather and then go shower in the same temperature, we can enjoy the cold weather to shower in and when you get out of the shower you don’t have to sweat just the same as when you were working out.
So, you don’t have to thank me for installing Air here is what you can do.
You Can Make Sure The Bathroom is All Clean and There is No Water on The Floor When You Leave the Bathroom.
You Can Make Sure You Left The Bathroom The Way It Was When You Walked in There.
You Can Make Sure There Is No Shit Left On, In, or on the Seat Of The Bowl When You Leave.
Pretty much just pretend these are your bathrooms at home and treat them the same as you would your bathroom at home.

I would appreciate this and I’m sure everyone of your training partners would also.

We have a lot of members that use the showers and no one wants to get into a dirty shower let alone a dirty Bathroom.
Basically it’s your SHIT so you clean it up.

Thanks A lot


Squat Snatch
Find a Heavy Single
Take 80% and perform 1 Squat Snatch Every 60 Seconds for 10 Minute


15 Min Amrap

Run 400
7 Power Snatch @115/75
10 Overhead Squat @115/75

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