Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, March 30th

So I think the Open Results aren’t going to change anymore.
I’ve checked out most of the scores and We had some really really great scores!
I apologize if I missed anyone but I can’t check everyone.
In the Scaled division
50-54 Age Group Tom Wansor came in 2nd out of 309 people!  Thats pretty fucking cool
In the scaled division
45-49 Age Group Oren Gold came in 22nd out of 416 People
In the scaled division
Ancient Dinosaur Age Group Lou G came in 9th!!!!!!  Out of 105 people !!!  Fuckin sick Louie!
In the scaled division
Women open division Nicole Murphy came in 3rd!!! out of 4,679 people!!!  That’s in-fucking-credible
And in the Rx division
Marc Killed it with 716 place out of 17,000 people!!!  That’s top 5% in the North East!  We going to the games next year on Marc’s back!

Congrats to Everyone who competed in this years Open, I hope the New Members got a good taste of what it’s like and Next year give it a real go!


Bike or Row
Toes To Bar
Handstand Push ups


Overhead Squat
5 x 5 @65%

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