Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, March 31st

Snatch Work
6 Sets every :90
Squat Snatch form the floor + Overhead Squat+
Power Snatch from the hang
Increase each set


Complete as many reps as possible in one minute per exercise
1. Pull up
2. Push up
3. Air Squat or Box Jump 20″
4. Row or Bike
5. Rest
Four Sets total

Let’s talk about your gut. Just like getting punched in the gut is a shitty feeling, the same goes for eating shitty food. Actually I’m not sure which is worse, the feeling of getting punched or the feeling of eating crap. I would say whichever feeling is worse at the time, over time eating crap is worse for you.
As we’ve spoke about before there is a nerve in your gut that sends signals to your brain. So, if you eat shit, your brain basically gets shit signals. No one wants shit signals.
Besides the whole nerve issue there’s the issue of gut inflammation, this is another punch in the gut.
Think about what you eat and drink, you can’t just be stuffing shit down there like it’s a garbage disposal. Unless you’re eating healthy foods like meat and veggies you are causing inflammation in your gut, even some vegetables like nightshades cause inflammation. Inflammation in your gut is no good, causes all sorts of funky shit not to mention aids in helping auto immune issues fuck yo shit up.
You got to think about stuff like this man!
Crap food is bad enough but then you throw alcohol and sugar on top of the bad food and you’re looking for an explosion to occur, like the old Mentos and coke explosion!
This is your belly we’re talking about, treat it with kindness

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