Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, March 30th

Single Leg RDL with single Kettlebell
5 sets 5 reps ea. leg
Focus on your form and technique, the weight is not important if the mechanics are not there. However, if your technique proper use a heavy Bell.
Rest 1 min between sets

5 rounds
35 Double Unders
8 Deadlifts @135/95 (If you feel like you can go heavier, please do)
30 Ab Mat sit ups

These workouts, even though most are done for time, does not mean you forget about correct movement through each exercise.
Doing the workouts quickly with no regard for form and range of motion will eventually lead to injury.
Yes, the quicker you move through the workouts the more beneficial they will be, but your safety always comes before anything else.
Keeping yourself healthy is part of your training. Be sure to always focus on keeping braced and protecting yourself from injury, not just throwing your body or weight around haphazardly.
Don’t give me the excuse, “during the wod I get tired and my form starts to suffer”. That’s crazy talk. If form is the main priority then either slow down or use less weight. This way you won’t be too tired to do everything correctly.
Correct movement is numero uno. Once you have proper form then you can increase the weight and move quicker. If never ever starts the other way around.
Ego causes this, it’s silly. Risking injury over an ego, silly, silly, silly.
This isn’t a race to the finish line, staying in shape is about longevity. Being in shape and staying healthy is important as we age, you don’t want to be an old out of shape mess who falls breaks their hip and dies. I’m sure I’ll be the first one that happens too.
Take yo shit seriously! This is your body, treat it well.

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