Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, November 17th

Everyone couldn’t believe the transformation that took place with Joe’s picture yesterday.
Yes, it’s true.  That’s no lie.
And his words when it was over where, “it’s easy when you make a decision to do it.  When you prepare your meals and come to the realization that there is no cheating anymore so there is no questioning yourself when you sit down to eat a meal it’s easy after that.  But most people don’t get to that point where they tell themselves I only eat well from now on.  There is no cheating at all.  This is my life.”

Joe is right, everyone that I tell how to eat always says either “I can’t eat just that or what about a cheat meal, or can I have oatmeal and pasta.”
It’s always something.
That’s the thing until you get to the point where there isn’t always something it will never happen.
You will never look the way you want to look until the excuses stop.
That’s it, it’s not the workout, it’s not the diet.  I’ve said this over and over again, It’s YOU.
If you are not successful in any aspect of your life it’s YOUR fault.
Kinda like me, My grammar sucks because of me and me only.


Back Squat
10 x 6 @+5 lb from last Friday


Deadlift @50%
Bench Press @50%
Double KB Clean @55/35

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