Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, November 20th

So in case you haven’t noticed we Squat At Crossfit Syosset.  We Squat  A lot!
Well, The Hormone Stimulation you get from Squatting is unlike any other Exercise you can do with Weights.
A Good Squat will help improve every other movement we do in the gym.  The raised heel of the shoe allows for more ankle mobility and increased range of motion.  The Hard Heel serves as a force for the energy to go from the floor to your body without getting lost in the Marshmallow like heel of a sneaker.
Squats Get you STRONG!  Like no other movement in the gym gets you strong!
And We can’t forget Squatting Heavy Burns  A Shit Load of Calories!!!!!   I’m talking a shit load!
So Don’t miss Squat Days.

Along with Squat days comes Squat Shoes.  If you haven’t gotten yourself a pair of lifting shoes they are a great investment.
You really should get them, they will help you Squat heavier and make it a lot easier on your body to squat wit them on.
So no matter who you are or how much you squat I would make sure You get them.
You can go online and google Lifting shoes and you can find all different types, styles and colors.  They are all good, it’s not too hard to make a lifting shoe, it’s just a sneaker with a hard lifted heal.  The most important thing is that they are appealing to your eye, if they appeal to you, you will lift more wit them on.
Don’t wait, go get them now!


Back Squat
8 x 2 +5 lbs from Monday
90 second intervals

(Make sure you pause between the 2 reps and take time to blow out and take in air and tighten everything up before continuing with the 2nd rep, this is sooooooooo important, so make sure you do it)


20 Box Jumps @24/20
30 Lunges with Double Overhead KB’s @55/35
40 Push Ups
50 Hang Power Cleans @115/75
40 Push Ups
30 Lunges with Double Overhead KB’s @55/35
20 Box Jumps @24/20
(Again, make sure you stay tight for all reps.  But you really need to focus on your form for the Lunges, with the Kettle’s over head you have a decent chance of over extending your spine if you don’t stay tight)

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