Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, November 18th

I’m confused about something.
There was running in the workout today yet there were a number of you that chose not to run because of the temperature outside.
I’m wondering if this is a normal occurrence, does this happen with other exercises?
What was the thought pattern before the not running took place?
I can totally understand not running or not doing double unders if you are injured but not running because it’s cold out or not getting double unders because you choose not to practice has me bewildered.
What I’m hearing is, “I’m healthy enough to do these exercises but I just don’t want to”. What really had me perplexed was when Kelly and Stacy at 60 and 63 years old ran in the cold. I would think if two women over the age of 60 had no problem running in the cold weather it wouldn’t be a problem for anyone younger and healthy.
I’m not trying to insult anyone, I am genuinely curious if it you feel better, worse or indifferent knowing you could have ran and just didn’t.
Is it not important?
Scaling again is done when the movement required is unattainable, injury, to heavy, mobility issues. These are all issues were scaling would be acceptable, cold weather, not so much.
Please email me some responses.

It’s Nicks 40th Birthday!
Besides being a great human he has an amazing command of the english language.
Here’s Nicks Birthday workout:
2 Rounds: Barbell weight @95/65
20 Deadlift
10 Cal Bike
20 Front Rack Lunges
10 Cal Bike
20 Snatch
10 Cal Bike
20 Hang Clean and press
10 Cal Bike
10 Cal Bike
I think out of respect for Nick you should try to do the workout as close to Rx as possible.

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