Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, November 25th

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed what you really are thankful for.

The gym hours for today are
8am and 9am classes the gym will close at 10:30am
Thank You

Teams of 3

This workout is a 12,000 Meter C2 Amrap

One person Rows at a time, each person rows 1,000 Meters before switching partners.
The team of 3 keeps rotating until you all complete 12,000 meters which will be 4,000 meters per person.

The Amrap is as follows:
10 Wall Ball  @20/14
5   Burpee
10 Box Jumps @24/20
5   Deadlift @225/135
There will be one person rowing at a time which will leave two people left.
The two people will alternate between the Amrap while the other dude is rowing the 1,000 meters .
So for example :

Let’s say it’s me, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man that make up a Team.

Iron Man starts The Wod off by Rowing first.  So Iron Man Begins rowing his 1,000 Piece and me and The Incredible Hulk start the Amrap.    I, being the smaller, weaker and less of a man than The Incredible Hulk will start first.  So I do one round of 10 Wall Ball, 5 Burpee, 10 Box Jumps and 5 Deadlifts.  As soon as I’m done with the 5th Deadlift The Incredible Hulk starts his Round of Wall Ball, Burpee, Box Jumps and Deadlifts (except he Deadlifts the Building causing the pipes to rip out of the ground leaving us with no heat for Monday, AGAIN!)
Regardless of the Heat we keep rotating through the Amrap till Iron Man is done with the 1,000 Meters which he gets done relatively quick due to his Suit that he wears which has those special powers, I guess rowing is considered a special power cause he finished fast.
Then The Incredible Hulk hops on the Rower and starts his 1,000 meter piece.  Unfortunately cause of his power his first pull ends up ripping the cord out of the machine with the fan blowing right out of the top causing the C2 to fall apart and become a Cnothing!

Anyway you get the picture by now right!
Good Luck, this is gonna be a doozy!
The Top Score is the Most Rounds completed in the 12,00o Meter time.

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