Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, November 28th

We’re starting a new lifting program this week.
Everyone should have there maxes from the last several weeks.  The each cycle will last 6 which we will then start over using a heavier weight for each week.
Some things to remember:

Don’t start to heavy if you aren’t sure of your max
Don’t use half reps , they suck.  Full range of motion is the way to go.
If you don’t follow it like it’s written it won’t work.

The four Power Lifting exercises we’ll be using are Back Squat , Deadlift , Front Squat and Bench press.
The Oly lifts will be used in sequence with the Power Lifts.

Here’s the warm up and work set for week 1, know your weight before you come in the gym instead of rushing around trying to figure it out.
Warm up set 1:  45 lbs Bar x 12 reps
Warm up set 2:  35% x 6 reps
Warm up set 3:  45% x 5 reps
Warm up set 4:  60% x 4 reps
Warm up set 5:  70% x 3 reps
Work set 1:  80% x 2 reps
Work set 2:  86% x 2 reps
Work set 3:  92.5% x 2 reps
Perform your reps slowly and in controlled, no rushing, no bouncing, no out of control movements


Back Squat


100 Double Unders
30 Ball Slams @40/20
20 Muscle Ups
30 Ball Slams @40/20
100 Double Unders

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