Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, November 5th

If you started eating well back in July, by now you should have made a shift in your relationship with food, no?
Food should seem like less of a treat and more of something you need.
If you don’t feel like anything has changed maybe you haven’t eaten well enough for a long enough time, without cheating.
Cheating can’t be a consistent habit. You need to eat well consistently. If you are eating well and cheating consistently as well, this won’t work as well.
I know it’s difficult to cut everything out like coffee creamer, oatmeal and Bananas!
But this is what makes the difference between you looking the way you want too and, not.

Bench Press
5 x 8
Superset with max rep push ups
Rest as needed in between


Bike for Calories
8 Rounds 15/8 Calories
Rest 45 seconds between rounds
Then …

100 Thrusters @75/55
Every Minute complete 5 Burpees
Start with Burpees

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