Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, November 8th

I just saw a commercial, It was a commercial for Botox for wrinkles and shit.
The commercial says you should put yourself first instead of everyone else.
I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with doing it but what the fuck does it have to do with putting yourself first?
How about eating well and exercising?
Anyway’s …
How about your relationship with food?
Has that changed at all?
It’s difficult to change that without an important enough reason too actually change it.
Of course whatever reason it is that makes you eat well you actually have to believe it. Just thinking “I should be eating well for my health” but not actually believing it, won’t change a thing.
You need to believe that poor nutrition is truly killing you. Think about how you feel when you eat well as opposed to when you don’t eat well, and that’s on the outside. Your insides are begging you to eat well! When you do your body rewards you by feeling well, looking well, focusing well, and sleeping well.
When you don’t eat well your body performs less optimally, right? You may be saying “I feel pretty good and I eat crap”.
You may think you feel good because you have never given yourself the opportunity to see what it feels like to eat well.
If you haven’t given your body the gift of proper nutrition maybe that’s something YOU should do for yourself … or maybe get Botox. Maybe I’m wrong and Botox is the way to go!
Whatever the fuck is in your head that is stopping you from living a healthier lifestyle is exactly that, “in your head”.
No one else gives a fuck about what the fuck you’re doing so get that shit out ya head.
What you should be thinking is how you can better yourself everyday, not about the negative noise from other people or the bullshit manipulative advertisements on the television.
The commercial is correct, put yourself first. They just got caught up in pushing their product.

Back Squat
20 reps add 5lbs

4 Rounds
Run 400 at an easy pace
Sprint 400
15 Deadlift @bodyweight
15 Toes to Bar
Rest 1 minute

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