Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, October 27th

I’ve mentioned this before but apparently by the count of how many members have come to me and said something about this the first mentioning of this topic didn’t seem to kick in.

So I’ll mention it again.
The bathrooms are your bathrooms, not mine.  They are there for you guys to shower, crap and whatever else you do in there.
Fortunately we came into a brand new building with brand new bathrooms.  Fortunately for us if we try a little bit to keep them nice they will stay nice.
If they turn to shit we have no one to blame but us.  The bathrooms are cleaned well every other day yet for some reason they still get to the point of looking like shit after half a day, Why is that?

Is there a “Bathroom Gremlin” running around to all the bathrooms in the neighborhoods destroying them and laughing as he slings his crap across the toilet bowl?
Does the “Bathroom Gremlin” have something against toilet paper holders?  Why is this?  Why does the Gremlin run from bathroom to bathroom destroying the toilet paper holders?
Is it the “Bathroom Gremlin” that leaves a pond on the floor after he/she (this is not a sexist Gremlin) showers just to fuck up the tile floor and have mildew grow?   Do Gremlins enjoy Mildew?
Let’s try and end this devastation of our Beautiful Bathrooms and make it the last day this Bathroom Gremlin lives his/her life.

If everyone cleans up after themselves when they are done the bathrooms will stay neat and tidy.
So everyone play their part so the other members of the gym don’t have to deal with a mess from the last person.
Thanks for your patience and understanding


Back Squat
5 x 9


20 on / 10 off  4 minutes each exercise 1 Min rest between exercises
Battle Ropes
Double Kettlebell Deadlift @55/35
Push Ups
Row For Calories


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