Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, October 30th

All you witches have a wonderful day tomorrow !!!!

Here’s strike Uno!

I won’t say anything other than the hole is for your hands, and your hands stay inside the bucket.
Fleming wants to know how 10 year old gymnastics girls keep the chalk in the bucket and we can’t.



Back Squat
6 x 3 @88-90%
2 min Intervals


4 Rds

5 Muscle Ups  (Subs: Band Muscle Ups or 15 Pull ups and 15 Push Ups
7 Power Clean @165/115  (Subs:  Hang Power Clean or Front Squat)
9 Handstand Push Ups  (Subs:  Shoulder Press or HSPU off Box
11 Calorie Bike
13 Box Jumps @24/20

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