Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, September 29th

Now that almost all the 10 lbs plates are destroyed lets talk a little physics.  Some of you may have slept through that class
If you drop a heavy piece of steel on a thin piece of rubber its most likely going to crush that piece of rubber or at the very least derange the actual shape of the rubber object.
In this case the rubber object happens to have a small cylinder inside it so it can fit on the bars, also in this case the heavy steel bars that came crashing down on the rubber object have totally forced the cylinder into another dimension causing the rubber object to be left all alone with no cylinder.
This isn’t good for the plates to be without a cylinder.  So lets’ try to take this little physics lesson and carry it into life situations and maybe we can decrease the amount of accidents we have… regarding the plates and in our daily lives.
I can’t imagine what would happen in other aspects of life without the knowledge of simple physics problems.


Bench Press
6 x 8

Every 90 seconds


Deadlift @185/115
Toes 2 Bar
Wall Ball  20/14
KB Snatch Each arm 55/35

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