Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, October 2nd

Besides The Lunge challenge that started Yesterday October 1st, which was 25 Total Lunges and will continue until the 25th of October and will then become 50 Lunges from the 26th moving forward for 25 days.
Remember, Do the Lunge correctly.
Try and make a 90 degree angle with both knees as one kisses the ground and the other keeping your shin vertical to the ground.
This will get your legs and Ass like a Fucking Rock!!!!  Now Rock That shit!!!

I have another Challenge for some of you, unfortunately for some of you this challenge will be super duper Difficult!
Not because it’s a physically difficult challenge but a mental challenge.
Here it is:
I challenge all of you to perform each workout with the patience of a NUN and the Tenacity of a Lion.
Choose a weight you can handle, let me describe Handle (Handle is being able to perform a movement perfectly with precision, no bouncing or ballistic movements and with full range of motion)
After choosing a weight you CAN handle then force yourself to stay tight throughout each and every rep if you can’t stay tight you rest.  This will mean that in order for you to stay tight you may have to lower the weight, which is good!!!  If you’re reading this right now I’m probably crying with Joy !

So basically I would like to see you perform the workouts as quick and as heavy as you can with perfect form and full range of motion, if this means lowering the weight then be so.  I should see the movements much slower than previously done.
Just try it, each workout should be done without stopping for a long rest and being able to do with perfect form and perfect state of tightness.  Make sure you can stay tight with every rep, EVERY REP!


Overhead Squat
10 x 3
3 Reps every 60 seconds


15   Min Amrap
15   Cal Row
10   Double Kettlebell Push Jerk  (A weight you can handle to get 10 straight)
5     Bar Muscle Ups

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