Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, April 24th

Front Squat
4 x 8
Work your way up to a heavy set of 8 and complete all 4 sets at the same weight

Thruster @95/65

You hear all the talk about taking the diabetes drug called ozempic for weight loss?? I’m sure you have.
Do you know how it works?
The drug tells your brain that you are full and satiated, so you don’t eat. It’s not a miracle drug, it’s just a way for fat asses to think they aren’t hungry. It’s basically a mind fuck, but definitely not a miracle drug. Ya know what’s a miracle drug? Your fucking mind!
Do you know what causes the same effect as Ozempic? Fasting, yes that’s right, fasting.
Once you fast for a certain amount of time, 18-24 hours depending on who you are, your body sends signals to the brain that you are satiated. Crazy, right?
Ya know what else curbs your appetite? Eating protein, not carbs, protein.
Water! Drinking a lot of water also helps curb appetite!
Training before you eat, that also curbs appetite!
Ya know what increase appetite? SUAGAR!!! That’s right, the more shit you eat, the more shit your body wants to eat.
Do you know how you lose weight? Stop shoving shit down your throat.
Just like any other drug your body will need more and more of it to be effective. Then watch what happens once everyone stops taking the drug, these people are going blow up to an even heavier weight than before they started.
Do you think just because the FDA approves something for weight loss that it’s good?
If the FDA really cared they would ban all foods with sugar from society, they don’t give a fuck.
I would bet the pharmaceutical companies had a lot to do with this drug being approved.
Stop the nonsense, just stop eating shit.
It’s that fucking easy, just stop eating shit. There’s absolutely no need for shit food to be in your house, none at all.

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