Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, April 30th

You may recall the day we did the 100 Burpees and 1o Double Unders every minute.
Well, if you don’t.  I do.
I had written on the board to sprint through as many burpee as you can each minute and don’t pace yourself.

Someone had said they could have finished the same time or around the same time as someone who sprinted and they could have paced themselves.
So, why sprint?

Well, were not here to get a great time while not being tired afterwards.  Were’ here to get in shape, the way to do that is through intensity.  Pacing yourself does not equal intensity, Sprinting does.
So in every workout you should sprint through for as long as you can, take a break and do it again and again till you’re done.

If you want to improve your fitness you need to do this through every workout.
Don’t pace yourself, pacing is for penis heads.

15 Min Amrap

10 Front Squat @135/95
8 Push Press
6 Pull ups


6 x 8
Perform 8 Reps every 90 seconds

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