Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, May 1st

It’s May 1st, the weather has changed, Summer is on it’s way!
This is why you workout, so you can look good in the Summer correct?  If you say no you are here for your health you’re lying.

Whatever the reason maybe, you only look good when you eat well.
A huge part to you eating well if not the only part is being prepared.  Being prepared means having all your meals ready for the week packed in little tupperware like the ones your mom used to go to parties for, Tupperware parties!

Anyways if you don’t have your meals packed in tupperware or baggies or whatever you want to pack them in you are doomed to fail.  The main reason we all fail is that when we get hungry and there is nothing prepared we tend to just run to the nearest shithole to eat.  That’s why it’s called fast food, cause you didn’t take time to prepare it.

See they know that, they know you’re in a rush and they take advantage of that by calling your name when your vulnerable.
Don’t let that Fucking clown Ronald McDonald win you over when you are in a weak moment, be prepared.
1.   Pick a day that you are going to cook all your food for the week.
2.  Have all your meats, and veggies ready to cook how you like them.
3.  Have all your tupperware all ready to go for the week.
4.  Have your Lunch Box filled with all your food for the day
5.  And most importantly tell all the people you work with to Fuck off when they say stupid shit about what you’re eating cause when their fat asses are swimming with their shirts on you’ll be rockin your new body.


4 x 3 Min Amrap with 2 min rest
Row 500/400 Meters
Max Wall Balls 20/14


Power Clean
1 reps Every minute for 10 minutes

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