Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, April 9

This is Hero Week!
This means we’ll be doing a Hero Wod Everyday this week, Why?
Hero wods unlike the shorter more intense ones are much more mental draining on yourself than the shorter ones.
They force you (well, if you force yourself to keep moving and mentally drive through this long torturous word)

Your body is always in a regenerative right?

This being the case, it would seem very important that what you put in your body would effect your bodies regenerative process.
This means if you eat shit your body would be regenerating with shit because that is what you’re eating.

Knowing this if you cared about yourself you would eat well so your body has the correct nutrition to rejuvenate itself.
Maybe this piece of information I pointed out will change your nutritional intake
if not then maybe well have to try something else.


“Adam Brown”

For times
Two rounds of:
295/195 lb deadlift -24 reps
24 box jumps 24/20 inch box
24 wallball shots -20/14lb ball
195/125 lb bench press – 24 reps
24 box jumps- 24/20  inch  box
24 wallball shots- 20/14lb ball
145/95lb clean- 24 reps

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