Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, December 18th

I hate to bring this up because I just don’t want to, but it’s just so outrageous and I always share everything with you so I have to bring it up.
This morning when the first person arrived at the gym that person found one of the Thermostats to be on the asking temperature of 97 Degrees!   Yes, you read that right.  97 Degreees!!!!!
I didn’t even know the thermostat would go up that high.  The temp of the gym is definitely not getting up to 97 degrees, hell it ain’t getting up to 77, 67 if you’re lucky!
Well, I guess I’m not that lucky cause this is the second time in two weeks that someone left the heat on all night.  When I say all night I mean the heat was actually running ALL night because the temp is too high for the room to ever reach.

The heat is always left on overnight, but it’s usually left on 55 overnight so when I arrive in the morning it’s not to cold to get up to a warm temp quickly.
The last two times it was left on 75 and 97 so the unit was working all night just spittin that Gas out, really burns my Ass!  And I got a huge Ass so it’s gonna need a lot of Gas!
I’m not sure who it was that had accomplished this task of 97 degrees but I would like to know, so if anyone can get that to me I won’t suspend the privilege that some of you guys have that come on your own time other than a normal class time.


Back Squat
8 x 3
Same weight from last Monday
2 min interval


Thruster @105/75
Toes To Bar
Box Jump @24/20

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