Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, December 25th

We’ll be open for one class today December 25th, Christmas Day.

The gym will be open for a class at 9:30am

For Christmas Day I will be doing the 8 days of  Chanukah Wod.
As far as lighting candles we won’t be doing that we’ll be doing a barbell complex instead.

I made this up myself, I believe there are 8 days Hanukkah and I also believe that Hanukkah starts with a “CH” but I can’t say I always know what the hell I am talking about.

So here we go!

8   Rounds

8   Deadlift
8   Hang Power Clean
8   Power Clean
8   Jerk
8   Front Squat
8   Hang Muscle Snatch
8   Hang Power Snatch
8   Overhead Squat

The Complex is done with One bar  and One Bar only.   I know, your deadlift is going to be stronger than the rest of the movements.  That doesn’t matter,  just do one bar.  The bar is obviously going to be light, I would imagine your weakest movement will dictate how heavy the bar will be.
So if your Overhead squat is terrible because you choose not to work on your flexibility then that will be your weakest movement.
Use one bar and complete the complex 8 times with perfect form.  Don’t worry about speed, just worry about your form and your technique.

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