Crossfit Syosset/ Sunday, December 24th

This workout is going to take a while.  Therefore if you are going to show up tomorrow please show up on time.
It’s rather annoying to the other members that are there and ready to go and everyone starts pouring in late.
Normally I put the blame on Lindsay and make her the fall guy but this time she is really the one that is getting agitated.

The classes are 8, 9 and 10 am  Please be sure to show up on time, thank you.

12 days of Christmas

1    Thruster  @135/95
2    Push Press  @135/95
3    Hang Power Clean  @135/95
4    Deadlifts  @135/95
5    Burpees
6    Pull Ups
7    Air Squats
8    Toes To Bar
9    Kettlebell Swings  @70/55
10  Hand Release Push ups
11   Overhead Squat @135/95
12  Power Snatch  @135/95

Choose a weight that is doable for yourself, not someone else

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