Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, December 26th

Today’s Hours
8am , 9am and 10am Classes

I have a great Idea for a New Years Resolution!
Instead of the usual “Go on a diet”, “Join A Gym” (as much as I should Love that one)
Or any of the “normal” Resolutions we keep doing every year how about we try this:
This year we try to drop the dislike and resentments we hold on to all year or for that matter even more years than one!
Whatever it is that has you in a place of anger or unhappiness or whatever it is just make your resolution to let it go.
I know, you don’t have any of that nonsense.
You would never be weak enough to let that happen.   Well, ok but when you get over that also maybe you can also
give up the resentments in your life that keep you from always being in a great mood.
Remember, we create our own reality whether it be real or not.
That which is real to us can easily be manipulated just as easy as it was to get to that point.
So make a decision to change all the crap you hold onto and just drop it for the upcoming year.
I am pretty sure that will bring you more happiness than saying you’re going to eat well and do that for a couple of days.

Here’s a Chanukah Wod for everyone!

8 Rounds 8 Reps
Hang Power Snatch @105/75
Overhead Squat @105/75
Push Press @105/75
Pull up
Box Jump
Toes To Bar

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