Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, December 4th

I think there seems to be a little confusion with the Christmas Party.
*First of all, the Date of the Party is This Friday the 8th of December 2017.
We have never been to this Venue before so I can see the Befuddlement in Everyone.

*The “Clubhouse” as I had mentioned it a week ago could easily have been questionable due to the fact that it had mentioned it like Ivan was the owner of the clubhouse.
The Clubhouse happens to be a Party room in the Complex that Ivan lives in!  That’s where the “Ivan” comes into play!
Other than that, there is no “Ivan” LOL  Of course I don’t mean that Ivan is very important.
I’ll get the exact Address and send it out this week.

Thanks Very much for Setting this Up from your home town Ivan!!

*The party will start at 7pm, so I guess i’ll see you all at 8pm.

*All you need to bring is a bottle, not an empty bottle.  A real bottle of liquor or beer whichever you would like to bring is fine

*I will have plenty of Good Bad for you food, I asked about the healthy way but didn’t get much positive feedback.  So I went with the Crappy for You Food.

*We also got DJ Kosta Koolio Da Julio, straight outta the 90’s bringing the Funky beats of the Battle of the DJ’s Era!
It’s truly a gift to have Kosta Da Koolio bless us with his Vinyl Shredding.  Big ups to Kosta and his lovely wife who also joins the show with her beautiful voice, I hear she sings songs of the 80’s like Shannon (Let the Music Play), Chaka Kahn (I feel for You),  and Sheila E.  (The Glorious Life) Yes, Yes you will be given the gift of Music Straight from the Microphone of DJ Kosta!

Thanks Very much for this Kosta and Noni!!!!


Back Squat
10 x 2 @ A heavier weight from last Monday, whether it be 1 or 2 lbs just as long as it is heavier.  Last week was 18 reps @6 x 3
This week is 20 reps total but should be more doable with the scheme.
Do Not keep the weight the same as last week, even if you go up 1/2 lb (there are 1/4 lb plates)


For Time
100 Pull ups
100 Push Ups
100 GHD Sit ups
100/60  Calories Bike
You can partition however you may like too.  10 x 10, 4 x 25, etc…

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