Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, January 2

Today’s Hours :
8, 9 and 10am classes

I Hope Everyone had an Awesome New Years!!!!
I hope you all made Goals for this upcoming year and are actually going to try your hardest to achieve them.

Goals, that word brings me to this story.
I’m not sure you all know Walter, he comes to the 11:30 class so many of you may not know who he is.  Regardless, here is the story.  Last year Walter was given a Birthday present, this Present happen to be a Plaque with all of Walters PR’s on weight and on Workouts.   Walter has always been a Goal Driven person which is why he received this plaque for his Birthday.
This plaque that held all of Walter’s current at the time PR’s became the reason he completed all his Goals that were set for this past year.
Walter made it his goal to beat all the times and PR’s on that plaque and he did!
The point of this story is that it’s really cool not only to make goals and to force yourself to achieve them but also to have that plaque!
Go get yourself one of these plaques and make it your mission to PR whatever you put on this plaque, times, Weight, calories etc…
Whatever it is you do it.
Having the plaque to remind you everyday that you need to do this is an awesome idea so make sure you go get one.

Teams of 3
One person Rows
Two people complete 20 Reps of “The Bear Complex” @95/65
The Bear Complex is:
Squat Clean
Back Squat
Push Press From Behind the Neck
While the two members of the team are completing the Bear the other one rows until the two members complete 15 Reps Each.
Once they complete 15 Reps each the person rowing takes one of the spots of the two members lifting.
The one members stays with the bear and completes another 15 with the new partner while he/she does 15 also.   The one who was doing the bear switches to rowing until the new people do 15 then they switch again this time the person who just did 30 reps now rows and so on and so forth till the team of 3 completes 180 Reps total.

Also To kick off the New Year right we are starting another “Burpee Challenge”  I know how you all love this, I can tell by the number of people that are left on day 100.  I think last time that number was 2, yea the number 2 I believe was the magic number.
let’s change that this year!

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