Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, June 12th

There’s something we need to discuss which could perhaps save a life one day.  It’s all about lifting the weight you can handle and not trying to kill yourself lifting weight that makes you feel like Gumby.
There’s no shame in lightening the load in order for you to work on the movement, once you become proficient at the lift then you can start adding weight but until that day comes don’t be ashamed of lifting less even if it’s the empty bar.
It’s much better and less embarrassing lifting a light weight perfectly than lifting a heavy weight and falling all over the place.  Plus, there’s less chance of blowing your spine out of your Ass if you stick to a weight you can handle in the beginning.
In the famous words of Dirty Harry, “A man has got to know his limitations”


Power Clean
7 x 2


Row 1,000
40 GHD Sit ups
20 Deadlifts @275/165
30 Wall Balls @20/14
50 Cal Bike
30 Wall Balls @20/14
20 Deadlifts @225/115
40 GHD Sit ups

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