Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, March 21st

Who doesn’t have double unders yet?
I say yet cause I have faith, faith that one day God (this could be any God or higher being of your choice as not to cause any feelings of an attack on religion) will come down and grant you “dedication”. Then and only then will you have the mental power to
push yourself to consistently practice the elusive double under.
What is, the double under? Well, in non technical terms the double under is jumping over a rope rotating around your body.
In technical terms, it’s the same fucking thing! It’s not that difficult of a movement, it really isn’t. I mean I’m not asking you to spin around on your head, ya know like a break dancer.
It’s a rope, you jump over it, that’s it. Maybe it moves slow or maybe it moves fast, but either way you’re just jumping over a rope.
So, you stopped eating sugar today, now let’s get double unders tomorrow!

Bench Press
5 x 5
3 seconds down, up fast
Keep the weight the same for all 5 sets after sufficient warm up sets.
DO NOT include warm up sets as part of your 5 work sets

10 RFT
20 Double Unders
5 Thrusters @135/95 (Heavy)
7 Pull ups

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