Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, March 27th

I love the dedication to Acquiring double Unders, we had a whole 3 people show up to learn them.
Is it me, do I smell like shit?  Or did everyone get them on their own before Sunday?
Why do you hate me?
I’m trying to help.
Anyway, I will be there again this Sunday from 8 till 11am so if there is something you would like to learn like Double Unders or anything at all, show up and I’ll go over it with you.

We’re going to change up our training a little bit.


Perform One set of each exercise without stopping then rest once one set of the three exercises are completed.
For ex. do 10 extensions, 10 pull ups and 8 deadlifts straight without stopping, not fast just no stopping then rest)

***Complete 5 sets of this Tri Set with 90 seconds rest between sets.  Do these with a partner or a couple of partners 

Back Extension 10 Reps 
Pull up 8 Reps
Hang Power Cleans 6 Reps 

Deadlift  4 Reps  (choose a weight that you can compete with perfect form, there is no need to do these deadlifts fast.  I am much more concerned with your form keeping your core tight and your back perfectly straight.  I would actually prefer you do them slow and in control the whole time.  If the weight is easy for 4 raise it the next set.)
It is important to know how much weight you did on your Deadlift and Cleans so record it.
Again, the weight for the Cleans and Deadlifts should be challenging but not crippling.

***17 Min Amrap

Row 400/300 meters 
GHD Sit ups 15 Reps 
Overhead Barbell Lunges 20 Reps (10 each leg) with 115/75  
Be Careful when dropping the Barbells that they don’t bounce into anyone or the rowers.

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