Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, September 11th

This week is when the Body Fat Truck is coming.  If you aren’t signed up for it yet let me tell you why you should sign up before it gets here.
Well first of all it should be really important, You train for a reason, you train to look awesome don’t you want to know if it’s working?  Yes you can just look in the mirror but knowing that it is working and that you are losing fat and adding muscle is only what knowing your body fat can do for you.
You all seem to be scale happy yet the scale tells you nothing other than there is that number of weight on the scale.
Could be a couch, could be a bird, could be a bucket of Fat or could be a bucket of muscle.
The scale tells you nothing at all and you all seem to love it so the reasons you have for going on the scale should be your reasons for signing up for the Body Fat Truck!
You can literally be gaining weight on the scale and yet everything could be going well, so really do you think the scale is a good judge of how you are doing at the gym?
Last but not least, I may decide to do a competition, if you don’t have your before records you won’t be able to be involved in it.
So make sure you sign up this week, the truck will be here Friday and Saturday.


Overhead Squat

8 x 3
Every 90 seconds


For Time:
100 Double Unders
30/20 Cal. Assault Bike
50 DB Snatch (75/50)
30/20 Cal. Assault Bike
100 Double Unders

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