Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, September 18th

Front Squat
Let’s try and find our 1 rep max today.
Your 1 rep max is a test to find your absolute strength while front squatting.
This is not a workout so don’t do 15 sets to work up to your max.
Do something like: 10-7-5-3-1-1-1
You don’t need a spot to find your max front squat, dump the weight forward.
If you find yourself losing stability and your form starts suffering, you’re done.
Don’t keep raising the weight if your form isn’t spot on.
You’re not helping anyone by leaning forward, especially your spine.

Because Peter and Santiago lost my dog while running, you are all being punished with more running.
If not for Larry showing up out of nowhere like Superman with an “L” for Larry on his chest, she would be running into traffic right now.
Larry’s like a dog himself the way he sniffed out her scent. At least Santiago gave her medical attention, Peter didn’t even look at her teeth.
Bike 50/30 cals
5 Rounds
Run 400 with a 20lb vest
20 KB snatch @55/35
20 Wall Balls @20/14
Actually do the whole thing with the vest. If you don’t have a vest I’ll hop on your back. I’m gonna hop on Peter’s back, while he does the Cow Harbor.

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