Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, September 4th

It’s Labor day. Happy Labor day.
Classes are 8:30 and 9:30
You can actually eat shit today and not feel so guilty about it.
Unless you don’t normally feel guilty when you eat shit? Do you?
Do you have any regard for the food you eat or do you just eat “normal” food?
This is not me judging, this is me asking a question out of pure curiosity. So, pretty please, tell me.
Do you eat the bread cause it’s on the table?
Do you order a soda at lunch time?
Is there a hero next to that soda?
When you grocery shop do you buy crap to keep in the house knowing all along the temptation and torture it will cause?
Do have good intentions when you eat, or do you not have any intentions at all?
Do you not give a fuck about this email or any other email including nutrition?
I’d love to know what you’re thinking so don’t be shy.
Do you not respond because you feel like you might end up on the email if I find your response outrageous?
This is a give and take relationship. You read the emails, which I know you love, then you respond. That’s how it works.
If you don’t respond I’m going to assume you all have the utmost consideration for the food you eat, or maybe i’ll think the opposite.

Because of Labor day the workout will be very laborious.
Complete 5 rounds @115/75 (this weight is gonna be a mother fucker, and that’s with good technique. So maybe don’t go so heavy, or maybe go heavier)
1 Power clean
1 Front squat
1 Push press
1 Back squat
1 Push press
After the 2 rounds are completed, complete 2 rounds of this:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air squat
Repeat this for 5 sets total

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