Crossfit Syosset/ Sunday, March 5th

Kelly her sister Megan and Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn is an idiot savant, she speaks 13 different languages.  Which doesn’t mean much unless she’s a terrorist but it’s pretty cool

Keith the Fat Man will be here the weekend of the 10 and 11th of March to take all of our Fat Asses Fat Counts!
For some reason there are not a lot of people signed up to get there Fat counted for.  Why!
What can the reason possibly be.  The only reason I can think of is that Everyone who isn’t on the list is super happy with themselves and does not want to lose any Fat off their bodies, which is Totally Awesome!
However, I think this not to be true.

The other (real) reason there are not a lot of people on the list is, hmmm well you don’t want to join the contest we are having.
Which is totally weird, all you have to do is get your Fat taken that weekend, diet for two months and then get your Fat taken again two months later.
Then you have a chance of winning, at the very least you will be much healthier even if you don’t win!
So I don’t get why everyone isn’t signed up for this Dude, drives me fucking crazy to be 100% honest with you.
This is why we do what we do, you come in and kill yourself every time you train at the gym yet you don’t join a contest when we have one.

Maybe I’m just stupid which I’m leaning towards just based off of experiences in my life but and that a Big Butt.  There is the slight chance that I’m NOT Stupid and it’s not me and it’s YOU!
That’s right, YOU!
WOW!  Not me, Yes You.
C’mon man, sign up for the Fat test and join the contest.
Hopefully this will keep you on track and really get you to the next level.   Let’s try this peeps.   Please don’t make me set up another contest and no one does it.
Even if you have to do it because you feel for me pouring my heart out over and over again, or even if you do it cause you’re sick of my emails over and over again.
Whatever the reason maybe, I’ll be the fall guy or anyone you want me to be ( I just won’t wear any leather, chaps my skin)
But whatever reason you need to join let me know and do it!

We’re doing the Open Wod again tomorrow 17.2 at 9am so if you haven’t done it or want to do it again or if you’re a psycho like Amy and want to torture yourself over and over and want to do it show up tomorrow at 9am and let’s get to it!

So long chaps



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