Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, April 13th

KB Swings 70/55
10 Reps at the top of every minute
The weight is aggressive, make sure you scale properly.
Focus on your form and technique.
Your knees stay back and your shins stay vertical.
You are braced throughout all 10 sets. You hold the bell, you’re braced, there’s no throwing the KB around haphazardly.
This is important. Stay braced!!

Bike 25/20 calories
then 4 Rds:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air Squats
-Rest 3 Minute-
Repeat for 3 rounds total
Work quickly through the rounds. You’re getting a significant amount of rest, earn it!
Sprint the calories and sprint through the 4 rounds.
The rest you’re getting will allow you to keep up a fast pace. DO NOT MOVE AT THE SAME PACE AS IF THIS WAS A 20 MIN AMRAP.

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