Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, April 12th

A. 5 Sets
Power Clean+Hang Power Clean+Jerk
(Build to a heavy complex)
B. 3 Sets
1 Power Clean+2 Front Squats
(Adding 5-10 lbs from your finishing weight from where you finished A)

5 Rounds
Run 400 meters
Row 500/400 meters
Try to keep the workout under 20 minutes

So, who made eating well a part of their lifestyle since the last time we spoke about it?
Is eating well still just something you do and fail at, or have you made eating well a priority just as brushing your teeth is a priority?
It’s simple, you just have to make a decision to eat well and that’s it!
You don’t need any dumb ass diet you see on T.V.. You don’t need any new way of eating, like eating through your nose or eating an all carb diet!
Someone actually said that to me once, that they eat only carbs to lose weight. Yeah man, shit’s crazy what they put out there. They’ll try anything to get people to believe them and sell shit.
Instead of just doing what works, meat and veggies, they come up with whatever they can to make us think this is the new holy grail of eating right!
It’s nuts, really nuts.
Just make that decision and stick to it. Stop the nonsense, year after year. Holiday after holiday, nothing will change until you make a decision to change it once and for all.
Don’t be like 99% of society and settle, make up your mind to be different and eat well.
You wanna be the person at work that everyone talks about because you never eat the cake, cookies, donuts or all the other shit bag foods people bring in to work.
How many times have you heard, “Oh you’re not gonna have a piece of cake?”. “Oh, you never eat anything bad, doesn’t that get boring?”
No! I’m not gonna have to piece of cake like everyone else does, and no, I’m not eating anything bad just because all this crap food is staring me in the face everyday.
“I don’t do it, so stop asking me”. That’s what you should be saying!!
Be different!

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