Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, April 26th

“I have to lose weight and get into shape before I start Crossfit”.  This is something that a lot of members hear from their friends when they tell them about Crossfit and how great it is.
Unfortunately a lot of people think like this.  That they need to get into some kinda shape before starting to do Crossfit.

This is nonsense, nonsense and couldn’t be further than the truth.  You don’t need to be in any kinda shape to start Crossfit.
None at all.
That’s why we’re here, so everyone can learn how to do Crossfit without any training at all.  This is one of the great things about Crossfit, Everyone can do them together with people they don’t know and have been doing Crossfit for years.f

This is why it is important to treat every Crossfit Athlete as a person first and not a Games Athlete.
What’s also unfortunate is that a lot of Crossfit’s Believe that you need to kill everyone that walks through the door to try out Crossfit, Especially when that person is involved in some kinda fitness routine currently.
They try to kill that person to let them know how much better Crossfit is than anything else.

This is not true at Crossfit Syosset, here we give everyone what they can handle on not forcing anyone to do anything they can’t and incurring injury.
You don’t want to get injured doing anything, especially if you train.  No one who actually works out wants to be sidelined due to injury.
It’s because of this reason that Everyone who walks through our door can take their time modifying and subbing movements for as long as they need to catch up.


3 x 5 Min Amrap: 2 min rest
10 Reps Front Squat @40/20 Dumbbells
10 Reps Swings @55/35
10 Cal Row
10 Reps Box Jumps @24/20
10 Reps Wall Ball Shots @20/14


Bulgarian Split Squat
10 Reps (5 Each)
6 Sets Total Every 90 Seconds

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