Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, April 25th

A member recently mentioned to me that they read a book about  High Intense training and how it far surpasses that of it’s older brother the long drawn out days of long distance training like marathon running (there’s a reason i bring up marathon running i’ll return to that later) but for now where has this member been!!!!
I’ve been preaching this for years!

Does anyone read what I write or listen when I talk?  Anyone, Bueler maybe?

For those of you reading this that aren’t members of the gym already let me tell you about the time you are wasting in the gym sitting there on your cardio machines spending countless hours on the treadmill running to, well… no where!
What does Long distance training do for you?
Well, it’s better than sitting on your Ass but as far as training and getting into shape I would rather see you go in your front yard and do some gardening than sit on a bike for an hour.  At least your house will look great.

Look at it like this, your body adapts to things very very well.  We agree on that?  Good.
Now that we know that and agree on it,  if you do the same thing over and over and over again what do you think will happen?
That’s right, nothing!  Nothing will happen especially when trying to get into shape.
Your body will only change when it is forced to change, hence the high intense short interval training.
Training at hight intensity forces your body to change biologically.  When you push your body to the point of exhaustion for a short period of time (has to be short because there is no way you can keep up a super fast heart rate of training for a long time right?) Your body needs to do something to counteract this fatigue.
This is when your body says “hey, this guy/girl is gonna kill me if I don’t do something about this, yes I like to sit on the couch and do nothing while this guy eats chocolate and drinks wine but now I gotta change something”  So your body releases Growth hormone and testosterone to fight back against the high intense training you are doing.

Without high intense training, shall we say sitting on a bike for an hour with flashing lights and blazing music, you will not elicit this hormonal response we are after if we are looking to change our bodies.
Yes, it’s that simple.  Train hard and fast and you get this response, train slow and not very intensely and you will change absolutely nothing except maybe your belt size may increase a bit.


As Fast as you can complete 100 Burpees
If you have a vest wear it, don’t, don’t I repeat don’t pace yourself here.
Do as many as you can as fast as you can then rest a little and do it again and again till you are done.

Every minute on the minute complete 10 double unders


Hang Squat Power Snatch
Complete 2 reps Every minute for 10 minutes
Increase weight wen you can

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