Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, February 8th

Hello Today!
To continue from yesterday I was asked about Energy Balance.
What’s Energy Balance?  Basically eating so your Macro nutrients are balanced throughout the day at each meal.
Why is this so important?
Well, For a simple example Let’s say you are trying to lose some unwanted Body fat and let’s say you are doing something like the zone diet and on that zone diet you are supposed to have 400 grams of carbs per day.
On the zone diet the 400 grams of carbs will be divided amongst your 6 meals for the day.  Reason being is that your body does not need 400 grams of carbs at once right?
Your body needs energy (carbs) throughout the day based on what it is doing.  At the time you workout during the day you will need more carbs than when you are going to bed right?   This goes the same for all Macros.
Yes, right Chris.
Get what energy balance is?
Along with Balancing your Macros comes the storage of extra unused Macros.
If Carbs are gorged at one meal most of them will be stored as fat, once your glycogen stores are restored the rest will get stored as Fat, not energy but disgusting mushy nasty Fat!
Get it?


Perform Each exercise for 4 Minutes Tabata Style
Take 1 Minute rest between each exercise
Thrusters @75/45
Rest 1 Min
Pull up
Rest 1 Min
Cleans @95/65
Rest 1 min
Rest 1 Min
Deadlift @135/95
Rest 1 Min
Swings @55/35
Rest 1 Min
Push Up
Rest 1 Min

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