Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, January 10th


Metcon (10 Rounds
Every min (30 mins)
Min 1: 200/175m Ski
Min 2: 5 Box Jumps (40/30)
Min 3: 3 Thruster @155/105

Who has fell off track with their nutrition due to the holiday season?
If you are this person, here’s what you need to do.
Get all the leftover shit from the holidays out of your house. Throw it right in the garbage, don’t feel guilty about throwing out shitty food cause no one should be eating that crap.
Then you need to get rid of all the normal snacking shit you have in your house. Throw that shit out as well because like I said previously, no one needs to eat that crap.
If you just don’t like throwing out food in general, go find someone you don’t like and give that person all your snacks.
That person will be happy and you’ll be happy that you not only didn’t have to throw out food, but you hurt that person also.
Now that all the shit is gone from your house just start fucking eating well again.
If however you weren’t eating well before the holidays, start fucking eating well.

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