Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, March 2nd

So I saw that we only have like 7 people signed up for the Team and 40 signed up for the Open.
Can you guys go into your account and make sure you’re signed up for the team as well as the affiliate.

The team is under Crossfit Syosset also.

Tomorrow is the second Open wod, So i’ll try to keep this a little less brutal than Wednesday’s Wod.

You all experienced the Open wod and what it does to you so take that knowledge and use it to your advantage, now you should know when to take off leading up to the Open wod and after the Open wod, you now know how to strategize for the Open workouts.


Front Squats
5 x 10 @50%


3 Rounds
15 Hang Power Cleans @135/95
15 Burpee over Bar

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